Pharaoh Theme Ring Spinner, Styx by MACKIE LIN


Lead time: MacKie estimated that orders will be done and ship within 2 months time.

Material : Copper

*Please take note that trits are not included

Pricing at 300USD each which includes shipping fee (worldwide).

This is a 2 in 1 Spinner (which means without the caps its a Ring Spinner and with the caps on, it’s a Fidget Spinner.)
The making process for this Pharaoh/Styx RS which is included the engraving process, especially the making of the pharaoh heads, 3 on each sides, to enable trits slots on the pharaoh eyes etc. Every single detail has been taken 101% care of it, if theres a slight mistake to it, the whole process will be gone down to drain and restart the whole process again.

This will be up on sale on tomorrow’s night 8PM (US time,EST Time). Serial number will be according to your payment sequence. Only 300 will be made, and there wont be any making of these again.
Styx has been a project that Mackie wanting to fufil it, but that doesnt mean that his future/upcoming new designs are gonna be pricey. This is my one and only highly projected, designed product that He had ever done.


One thought on “Pharaoh Theme Ring Spinner, Styx by MACKIE LIN

  1. I really need the core for review and the qaysar. One each of the Core and 6 Qaysar. For donation to local charity. Ill do a presentation video review and a thank you will be mento you in the video. You cant miss with this kind of publicity. It will go viral. I can guarantee it.
    So send those i requested and any more you can give theire the better. A lot of men need your help in recovery.


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