Our Ring Spinner is live now ! 

After all the adjustment we have with the designer, Jong Un Ahn. I am happy to announce that now we are taking in Pre Orders of it ! First 50 orders will get 20% off ! Advance Halloween/Christmas offer ! Use code: 20OFF when checking out !

Click here !

Adjusted the most possibly hotspots area that can be found. The idea was inspired by a game called Portal. Which looks similar to an item named “Companion Cube” and thus, naming our ring spinner a Production.Cube

Proto.Cube comes in 2 different finishes on it. We are offering both Polished +and Mediablasted Dimensions at 47x40x10mm. Using a high grade 6703zz SS bearing and screwed in raised buttons that allows table spin. This is a mixed feeling while spinning a ring spinner but at the same time it makes you feel like having it as a barstyle fidget spinner too! Pricing at 49.99USD for retail (PS. Scroll back up for discount code offer !) . Free shipping within Singapore !

Orders came in fast, so do make sure that you get one before it sells out completely !

Once again, should there be any inquires you would like to know more of it. Send in your mail to info.unospinnerfzteam@gmail.com now !

Spinfun and have fun all (:


Our latest platform

We will be also using Instagram which is our newest platform for keep you guys update! For those who just want to have a quick look at photos instead of words, do follow us on Instgram @theonestopfidgetofficial ! 

**Belates LaborDay Sales coming soon ! A Ship For A Fish ! 

Facebook Page: TheOneStopFidgetOfficial Facebook Page

Group: TheOneStopFidgetOfficial

Webstore: http://www.theonestopfidget.bigcartel.com

Stay tune ! 
PS . Our US based warehouse plan was ruined anyway. Back to Singapore ūüėď

Major Updates for ZLStudio Products

1. US based warehouse has been selected . Tomorrow’s drop will be first try out. If things goes well, like no problem in the charges or whatsoever (excluding have more than one spinne rin an order, due to weights) Charges will still be 8usd until further adjustment in future drops.¬†www.theonestopfidget.bigcartel.com

Example: Just 1 product alone = 8usd. Additional to it will be 10usd as the weight increases.

2. Customers reside in Canada, I will start with International shipping with tracking at¬†10usd for try out from US to Canada, hopefully it’s not a long wait.

3. Customers residing in Europe, as you know the CE issue, gonna try to make a bet with using DHL as the warehouse that I know of, not all products are CE certified (so order at your own risk) <- PLEASE READ**

DHL to Europe areas , shipping charges at 22usd with tracking from US.


4. Claymore Fidget Spinner will be up tomorrow for first try out. So those who managed to snag one, remember to give us your honest review and opinons so we can improve on it ! They will be available at our webstore !


Proto.Cube debut !


A design by Jong Un Ahn, the designer behind Geometrix was a big hit with perfect balance and legit pressfit (not loctite fit or gluefit) spinner , now coming up with a split design spinner consist of 2 x r188 bearings named Xerometrix and also Trimetrix. I hopped on and took a leap of faith to his simple yet complex and customisable ring spinner design and named it Proto.Cube. Here’s few reasons why it’s named as Proto.Cube.

1. Definitely customisable (heat treat, salt water etch , hammer stamping on the brushed weights etc)

2. If you guys haven’t seen how¬†Ben Koh¬†actually DIY his Mediablasted Spinetic X with really cool stickers upon warping/morphing do check it out. You can actually do the same with Proto.Cube¬†too . Check out Ben’s IG @dj.psyk

3. Proto.Cube allows you to experience how you wanna enjoy it as a ring spinner as well as a fidget spinner. Why ? because of the side curves/grooves. I believe some may like spinners with curves sides. And trust me, it ain’t that sharp at all for the edges/hotspots we may lay our fingers on it.

4. Be it whatever you wanna do with Proto.Cube because here’s the next thing you might wanna hear.

I’ve officially readjust the price for Proto.Cube . Instead of 55.99usd, it will be at 49.99usd with free worlwide shipping from Singapore. Of course it will be limited, should you grab it while it’s at special sale, it’s all up to you. Pre Order for Proto.Cube will start on 1st Steptember 2017 GMT/UTC + 11AM at¬†www.theonestopfidget.bigcartel.com


A few updates/drops on 10th August 2017 GMT/UTC +8

Hello all ! TheOneStopFidget is back again with a few more updates ongoing. Recently we just did a TheCore HoneyComb Rainbow Stonewashed Spinner Giveaway at our facebook group  (REMEMBER TO JOIN US TO KEEP YOURSELF UPDATE !) with a few of our guests of honour including AverageSingapore aka Ben Koh, the honest reviewer with his daliy slice of his life !

Upcoming updates as usual, 10th August 2017 GMT UTC+8 . webstore at http://www.theonestopfidget.bigcartel.com

  1. Retail sales of Millennium Falcon Spinner at 108.99USD (tax included)
  2. Release of Dorado Spinner (Brass/SS buttons and weights) its a 24k gold plated spinner going at 37.99USD (tax included)
  3. Release of new buttons ! SS with Brass inlay. These are special edition as it’s a 2 in 1 buttons core for 188 and 688 bearing spinner. Stay tune !

TheOneStopFidget provide free shipping to worldwide with tracking !




The Core (China Original) review by Ben Koh aka AverageSingaporean

We are back! Sorry for not updating the blogsite for quite some time. And this time round we have a review by Ben Koh, honest yet awesome review. Couldn’t thank him more than enough for this. As usual and as to what it was mentioned in the video. We are doing a GAW (GIVEAWAY) of this Honeycomb RainBow StoneWashed style. Stay tune for more info. We will be releasing the info soon. Video link below! Stay tune (:

The Core Spinner Honest Review by Ben Koh aka AverageSingaporean